Roof Repair in Winter: Can it Be Done? Be Aware of Seasonal Limitations

May 19, 2022

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Are you a homeowner asking if you can perform roof repair in winter? This is a fair question since some roof repairs can’t wait for pleasant weather! Additionally, roofing contractors might lower their prices during wintertime to “drum up” business during this slow season. However, a homeowner should also ensure that nothing interferes with high-quality roof repairs that last.

Your roofing contractor is the best source of information when it comes to roof repair seasonal limitations in your area. In the meantime, you might note some general information about winter roofing and how weather conditions often affect those repairs. In turn, you can make the best decision for your home’s needed roof repairs in winter or new roof installation!

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Can You Perform Roof Repair in the Winter?

Winter often wreaks havoc on residential roofs. One reason is that heavy snow and ice can crack roof decking and other materials. Two, those materials also absorb moisture from snow, sleet, ice, and other wintertime weather. High winds and heavy falling snow can also loosen shingles and damage tiles, flashing, and other materials.

With this in mind, homeowners would do well to schedule a roof inspection and needed repairs long before winter arrives. However, even the toughest, most durable roof can still suffer damage during winter months. Consequently, you might ask if you can schedule roof repair in winter or must wait until springtime for needed fixes.

Some Challenges Surround Roof Repair in Winter

In truth, roofing contractors can usually perform most roof repairs in the wintertime. However, winter weather does pose some special challenges, including:

  • Icy roofs mean an increased risk of slipping and falling. Also, it’s more difficult to balance tools and supplies on an icy roof!
  • High winds risk pulling shingles off a roof even when they’re attached firmly. In turn, high winds mean an increased risk of losing some shingles while performing repairs.
  • Roofers usually employ lots of power tools during roof repairs and reroofing projects. These tools risk freezing up or malfunctioning in extremely cold weather. Consequently, a roof repair project might take far longer in the wintertime as roofers struggle to keep their tools working properly.
  • Cold, brittle shingles don’t bend and fabricate easily. Brittle shingles also risk splitting during the installation process.
  • Additionally, cold weather interferes with shingle adhesive. As such, that adhesive might not bond as it should, and you might face premature roof repairs.
  • Falling tree limbs, ice chunks, and other debris common during wintertime interfere with proper roof repairs and re-roofing.
  • When roofers don’t work fast enough, exposed roofing materials risk leaking water into a structure’s interior!

What Is the Best Time of Year to Replace a Roof?

Choosing the right time of year to replace a roof can affect its overall longevity! Roofers need to bend and otherwise fabricate shingles during repairs and re-roofing. In turn, it’s vital that they work with pliable and not brittle materials.

Additionally, winter roofing materials should stay dry during the roof repair or replacement process. Consequently, roofers might avoid overly humid or rainy seasons for repairs and replacement. Snowfall also makes roofing work more difficult! As a result, many contractors avoid roof repairs and replacements during winter weather or summertime in the tropics.

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Also, note that summertime can often mean unpredictable weather in many areas. As such, a roofer might schedule needed repairs but face delays due to sudden downpours. Furthermore, harsh sunlight and hot temperatures are often dangerous for contractors. So, many roofers put off repairs and reroofing during summer months or charge a premium for taking on such projects.

On the other hand, spring and fall are usually the best times for roof repair and replacement. Also, installing a new roof during fall ensures it can withstand winter weather and heavy snow. A new roof also means added insulation against cold weather.

However, note that roofers might get so busy during fall that they simply can’t fit in all their prospective clients! In turn, it’s good to schedule your roof repairs at the first sign of damage rather than waiting. This will ensure that there are no delays in getting your property’s roof repair work done as needed. You can also avoid paying a premium price for needed roof fixes.

Can You Replace Shingles During Roof Repair in Winter?

If you only need to replace a few shingles on the roof, you might wonder if you can do this during wintertime. The short answer is yes, you can replace shingles in cold weather. However, there are some special challenges you’ll face during this work! Also, you will need to take a few extra steps during this project to ensure those repairs last.

First, note that a property owner should stay off slick, slippery roofs, even with proper footwear! Second, consider that brittle shingles might split and crack and don’t bend or fabricate well. In turn, it’s vital that you store shingles away from the cold weather for 24 hours before using them.

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Also, to protect shingles from cracking set your nail guns and other tools to a lower setting with less impact. Too much pressure can allow a nail to “blow through” shingles, splitting and cracking them. Above all, ensure that the roof decking below those shingles is dry and in good repair. This reduces the risk of interior water leaks and other such damage.

Lastly, you should never do DIY roof repairs in winter when the weather gets too cold and otherwise dangerous. For repairs that can’t wait, call a roofing contractor near you! He or she will have the proper equipment and safety gear designed for cold weather and slick surfaces. Also, an experienced contractor ensures expert fixes that last no matter the weather or time of year.

Worcester Roofing Pros is happy to bring you this information about roof repair in winter, and we hope you found it helpful! If it’s time for expert fixes on your property, call our Worcester roof repair contractors right away. We’ll schedule a FREE, no-obligation consultation and price quote appointment. Additionally, we guarantee our repair work in writing to last for years! Just check out our client reviews to see for yourself why the residents for Worcester, MA trust our team! To get your property started on the fixes, it needs to have done, call our customer care team today.


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