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I was pleasantly surprised by the high-quality roof replacement I received from Worcester Roofing Pros. Most contractor companies leave less than satisfactory results. So this time I did my research and found this wonderful roofing company. After all, you don't want to just call any Joe Smoe! Thanks again for excellent services!

Karen C.

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★ ★ ★ ★ ★

No more leaking roof. Next day service was above what I expected.

John Sylvester Avatar
John Sylvester

The roof was leaking and needed to be totally replaced. Worcester Roofing Co. were very detailed oriented and did a good job. They were careful taking off the new roof so almost all the old roof ended up in the dumpster and not in the bushes around the house. I checked on the work repeatedly as the work was being done and the sheathing was being replaced and they did not skimp. The shingles were properly installed. After the job was completed I did not find any garbage or construction was around the house.

Paul Ferns Avatar
Paul Ferns

Thank you for the great job on the new roof. You guys are the best.

K Rafanelli Avatar
K Rafanelli

My rubber trailer roof was worn out and leaking. I put off fixing it because I thought the expense would be large, but eventually I got sick of the leaks and called a couple of companies. This roofing contractor had employees that had done a replacement of a rubber roof very similar to what I needed and showed me pictures of their work. All the prices I got were about the same so I hired this company. The entire job was done in less than a day and they did not require any payment until the job was finished. The roof looks perfect from the ground and leaking has stopped. They did the work on the day they said they would and they charged me exactly what the price quote was with no "add-ons" at the end of the job.

Todd Campbell Avatar
Todd Campbell

My roof was damaged by the tropical storm that came through last week. This Worcester roofing contractor gave me a good price and did the work within three days of me calling. Two workers repaired the missing tiles and the roof looks good. Thank you.

Tom Patterson Avatar
Tom Patterson

Worcester Roofing Contractors replaced the roof on my house. They did a great job at the best price I could find. The job included tearing off all the old shingles and putting on new, high quality shingles. They did the job in one day which I really liked. Their team was very experienced and the owner was easy to work with. They also had a financing option through Owens Corning.

Michael Kelley Avatar
Michael Kelley

They fixed my leaking roof the day after I called them! The roof was over 30 years old and was failing. I am very happy with the results. There are a lot of roofing companies around but I liked that I did not have to pay until the job was complete. Thanks for the new roof.

Andy Anderson Avatar
Andy Anderson

The price of the roof was good and the quality of this roofing companys work was also excellent.

Maria Hoey Avatar
Maria Hoey

I had a roof leak in an upstairs bedroom. These guys came right out two weeks ago and fixed it. I have been waiting for a couple of good rain storms to see if the roof repair to the leak really worked. Since they did the repair there are have been two good sized storms and no water has shown on the ceiling. They did a good job.

Starr Roy Avatar
Starr Roy

They put a new roof on my two family house. The house is high and the roof is steep. These roofing contractors are pros and did an excellent job. Thanks!

Johvanny Bernier Avatar
Johvanny Bernier

Steve is the best! He is plain spoken and a straight shooter. I had a roof that leaked around the chimney flashing, but also the roof that faced south was missing some asphalt shingles. The roof is old, and probably should be replaced, but this crew worked their magic and it has been three weeks, and a couple of snow storms later and no leak. They also did a good job of cleaning up once they were done so I didn't have to walk around the house can pick up trash after they had left.

Richard Smithson Avatar
Richard Smithson

Thank you for a job well done. The new roof looks great, my tenants are happy, and I am no longer getting calls about leaks! I liked that I did not have to pay until the work was done. It showed you had confidence in the quality of your work.

Tim Collins Avatar
Tim Collins

They did an outstanding job. Thank you!

Hanalei Streuli Avatar
Hanalei Streuli

They did a great putting a new roof on my house. The workers were polite and worked hard. The new roof looks great and no leaks!

Betsy Lachapelle Avatar
Betsy Lachapelle

They installed a new roof on my garage. Because it was the garage it was way past due for getting a new roof installed. They did everything they said they were going to do: showed up on time, arrived with a large crew, did not blare their radio, cleaned up all the mess. It was one price, no surprises or add-ons. They got almost everything done the first day, and then just cleaned up the second day.

Sara Peddle Avatar
Sara Peddle

I had a roof leak that showed up on my living room wall. I had two roofing companies come out and "repair" it but the leak was still there! Only later did I learn that a leak can start in one part of the roof, the water then can run along one of the beams in the attic until it runs into something like another board or wall, and then the water goes down and appears on the wall or ceiling. So the previous roofers fixed the gutter and than another on repaired the roof above the leak. Neither repair worked. This roofing contractor spent what I thought was a lot of time up on the roof just looking around. But they told me the leak started at some flashing 10 feet away from the leak. It made sense so I hired them to fix the flashing. After the first large rain storm no more leak! Yea. Thank you Worcester Roofing. You did a great job.

Diana Bain Avatar
Diana Bain

Thank you Steve. You did a great job installing a new roof on my apartment building. Keep up the great work and solid work ethic!

Phil Struley Avatar
Phil Struley

Thank you to the whole crew for doing such a great job putting a new roof on my house. We both know it really needed it, and I appreciate the fantastic pricing you provided. I am so happy I choose this roofing contractor and that everything went so well. The roof looks great, you did the job in the time you said you would, I check the materials and they were all first rate, and you did not leave a mess that I would have to clean up! The flashing around the chimney is very clean and looks solid. You did a really good job. Thank you.

Jess Sammis Avatar
Jess Sammis

After this winter, I needed a new roof installed. They did everything they said they were going to do, including showing up on time, using the high grade shingles and roofing paper. My roof looks so much better and I don't have any leaking. They are nice guys and I would recommend them.

Amber Breslin Avatar
Amber Breslin

Great price, fast work with high quality 30 year roofing shingles – what is not to like? I set appointments with a bunch of roofers and three actually showed up and gave me a quote. A lot of roofing companies never answered their phone, and never returned my phone calls. I liked that this company answered their phone consistently, and when the guy showed up to give me a price quote it was evident he had been doing the work for a long time. They also did not require a large down payment which I found reassuring. There were not additional “add on costs” like the dumpster, or disposal costs once the job was done. My roof needed two layers of shingles to be removed and they actually replaced some of the plywood and did not increase the cost of the estimate they provided. It has been a while since the work was done and I have not had any leaks. The workmen were respectful and did not blast classic rock music while they worked. (I endured this from a neighbor that had a contractor do their siding.) I would hire them again, but hopefully I won’t have to for another 30 years!

Niza Vinas Avatar
Niza Vinas

They did an excellent job on our new roof installation. The contractors were not pushy and they got the job done on time and within the original budget they specified. Recommend them for roofing in Worcester.

Randy M.

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